How To Code Well Code Of Conduct

The goal of How To Code Well is to build an open and welcoming environment, open to all levels of coding knowledge and skills.

To prevent any unacceptable behaviour we ask our community members to follow this simple code of conduct.

If any issue arises please feel free to contact our moderators.

Examples of positive behavior

  • Using welcoming and encouraging language
  • Being respectful to other cultures
  • Offering and accepting constructive criticism
  • Being empathetic towards others

Examples of unacceptable behavior

  • Trolling, insulting and derogatory comments
  • Public and private harassment including racist, sexist or homophobic behavior
  • Publishing other's private information
  • Patronizing and harmful language
  • Overuse of self promotion without other community input
  • Unwelcoming actions and comments towards beginner developers
  • Spamming


There is a 3 strike rule which ends in a ban. This is subject to user behavior. A first strike will be issued as a warning message and it will provide informations about the wrong behaviour. A second strike could result in a temporary suspensions. If the user persists in this behaviour they will incur in a ban.

The 3 strike rule will not be applied to behaviours considered serious and will result in an instant ban. Such cases are:

  • Sharing content that is directly threatening someone's physical or financial state.
  • Sharing content glorifying or promoting self-harm or suicide.
  • Sharing any kind of pornography which depicts minors.
  • Circumventing previous bans.
  • Any illegal activity.


  • Unacceptable comments will be deleted and will be reported if needed.